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At a macro level, as set out in the project Memorandum signed between the Governments of Canada and Ukraine dated May 26, 2008, the UCS-HRM Project will be directed by a Project Steering Committee (PSC).

Mandate and Key Responsibilities

The PSC committee will be responsible for:

  • Discussing macro-level issues of a strategic nature to UCS-HRM Project implementation;
  • Serving as the key policy, decision making and advisory committee providing overall direction and guidance to the Project;
  • Reviewing and approving the Project Implementation Plan and the Human Resources Management Strategic Framework;
  • Reviewing and approving annual work plans, as well as receiving and reviewing progress reports from CBIE's project management team, including an examination of actual progress against planned outputs and outcomes;
  • Reviewing the current status of the Project with respect to the Performance Framework, including the LFA and other relevant components of the PIP, and making necessary adjustments over the court of the Project's implementation;
  • Discussing the activities and progress of individual pilot projects being implemented with key Ukrainian government partners; and
  • Discussing existing and potential synergies between the UCS-HRM Project and other donor projects in Ukraine in the area of civil service reform.


The membership of the PSC will consist of the Government of Ukraine (comprised of representatives from the MDCS of Ukraine), CIDA (comprised of representatives from both CIDA Headquarters and the Technical Cooperation Section at the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine) and the Canadian Executing Agency, CBIE (consisting of the CPD). In addition, the project's Chief Technical HRM Expert will provide advisory and content input to PSC deliberations, as required.