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Project activities under the Professional and Sustainable Civil Service component seek to establish a foundation for new human resources management approaches with the development of a new approach to classification. Changes in the approach to classification will facilitate improvements in other human resources areas such as employee performance evaluation and hiring and promotion assessment processes.

Key planned activities include:

  • Developing new approach to classification and methodology for comparative salary analysis;
  • Supporting the MDCS in the development of an independent monitoring mechanism for hiring and promotion;
  • Developing new assessment tools in hiring and promotion;
  • Mapping out a comprehensive human resources information system; and
  • Revising the annual performance appraisal process.

Supporting a Professional and Sustainable Civil Service through the development and integration of consistent and effective processes and procedures for human resources management in the areas of classification, comparative salary analysis, assessments in hiring and promotion, human resources information, monitoring and reporting on the political neutrality and efficiency of hiring and promotion, and annual performance evaluation.