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The Project consists of two phases: a Design Phase and an Implementation Phase. The Design Phase runs to the fall of 2008. Over the course of the Design Phase a Strategic Framework for Human Resources Management in the Ukrainian civil service was developed and presented through a series of public consultations in spring/summer 2008.

On the basis of the Framework, a Project Implementation Plan was developed for the following three years 2008 - 2011 by the Project team. The Project's Steering Committee met in August 2008 to review and approve the Strategic Framework for Human Resources Management in the Ukrainian civil service as well as the Project Implementation Plan.

The UCS-HRM Project consists of three key components, namely:

  • Leadership Development and Training aimed at assisting the Main Department of Civil Service in the establishment of a competent cadre of civil service leaders in support of civil service reform in Ukraine through leadership competency profile development, training needs assessment and the piloting of leadership and management development programs.
  • Supporting a Professional and Sustainable Civil Service through the development and integration of consistent and effective processes and procedures for human resources management in the areas of classification, comparative salary analysis, assessments in hiring and promotion, human resources information, monitoring and reporting on the political neutrality and efficiency of hiring and promotion, and annual performance evaluation.
  • Strengthening Governance and Infrastructure by working to enhance the capacity of the Main Department of Civil Service and selected government bodies' human resources units to lead reform of the central government human resources management system through targeted interventions aimed at establishing accountability and effective communication respecting human resources management reform.

You can download the Strategic Framework Presentation here.